Based in Austin, Texas, Ketra has revolutionized the lighting industry through the creation of a new category: Natural Light.


Ketra was in need of website that was clean, modern and fluid much like the products they sell. We created their new site using very clean lines, modern fonts and colors that draws a user to the sites products. The design is aimed at making the user feel as if they are sitting in a room that is utilizing the Ketra products its self.


Ketras target audience ranges from business owners to home oweners. Because these users may visit the site from any device while on the move we made the site ultra responsive. looks great from any device weather it is a small handheld device or a large 30in monitor.


Our Backend innovative design allows Ketra admin to swap out photos, product, case study and much more with a simple click of a button. the simplicity of the design makes it easy for a new user to easily make changes to the site.